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Science and Technology Forms an Important Aspect of China and Africa Cooperation [06/21/2018]
Kenyan Officials Laud China for Supporting Scientific Research in Africa [06/20/2018]
China-Africa People-to-People Interaction Expands amid More Cooperation [06/19/2018]
Botanical studies link China, Africa [06/15/2017]
Project aims to preserve Kenya's biodiversity [06/14/2017]
Preserving Africa [06/14/2017]
Big Read: Botanical garden to preserve plants, diversify crops, make herbal m... [06/09/2017]
Protecting Africa’s Flora: Scientists gather in Kenya to share research, dis... [05/24/2017]
Chinese crop experts bring hope of boost to food supply [05/19/2017]
Center helps protect environment along Belt and Road [05/15/2017]
China to Help Kenya with Irrigation and Grain Storage to Achieve Food Security [05/03/2017]
Research Aims to Preserve Continent's Natural Riches [04/28/2017]
Scientists hope to document over 7,000 plant species in Kenya flora survey [10/09/2016]
Chinese govt builds Sh3bn research centre at JKUAT [09/28/2016]
China Funded Research Center Handed over to Kenyan University [04/28/2017]
Alliance to Catalog Kenyan Flora [04/11/2016]
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