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  • Fang Chen, the researcher was appointed as the Deputy Director of China Program of the Potash and Phosphate Institute (PPI).

Introduction to PPI: In 1935, potash fertilizer manufacturers established the US Potash and Phosphate Institute, and formulated the scientific research and teaching programs to promote the usage of the potash fertilizer. By 1960s, owing to the joining of Canadian manufacturers of potash fertilizer, the institute was renamed North America Potash and Phosphate Institute. In 1977, after the joining of several manufacturers of potash fertilizer from the North America, the institute was renamed the present Potash and Phosphate Institute, and its headquarters is set in Atlanta, USA, which is a non-profitable research institute engaging in scientific research and education.    

  •  Hongwen Huang, Chair of Kiwifruit Working Group under the International Society for Horticultural Science.
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