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Scientists Meet to Discuss the Development of Turfgrass Science


Scientists from around the world gathered in Wuhan,  a city in Central China, to attend the International Forum on Research Advances and Strategic Planning in Turfgrass Science (IFRASPT) on June 30.

Hosted by Wuhan Botanical Garden, IFRASPT aims at providing scientists in field of turfgrass science with a platform to exchange their research experience and achievements. It is the first time an international forum on Turfgrass Science has been hold in China. During the two-day forum, from the June 30 to July 1st, experts discussed the development of turfgrass science in China.

Themed on Turfgrass research advances and strategic planning, the breadth of IFRASPT covered genetic breeding, stress physiology, management and biotechnology of turfgrass.

"This forum could not be more timing, it helps the scientists to reach consensus on the turfgrass research in China,” said Prof. ZHOU He, chairman of Turfgrass Committee of Chinese Grassland Society, "We invite the foreign experts to introduce advanced technology and research strategy of turfgrass into China."

"This forum is a unique opportunity for the academics to gather together and seek opportunities for cooperation,” said Prof. HUANG Bingru, the Chairman of the forum, “we hope that we can have a better understanding of the turfgrass research in China and the world through this forum.”

"Turfgrass industry has become a major industry in China,” said Prof. FU Jinmin, Secretary-General of the forum, “This situation is extremely beneficial for China’s turfgrass industry development and will provide many development opportunities.”

At the discussion session, experts at the forum gave a lot constructive suggestions on the development of the turfgrass science in China.

This forum will form and strengthen new ties between the turfgrass community in China and with the rest of the world, encouraging the communication of experts in the field of turfgrass science.

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