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Dr. Torben L. Lauridsen visits WBG


  Dr. Torben L. Lauridsen delivering lecture at WBG

On May 10th, Dr. Torben L. Lauridsen from Arhus University, Danmark was invited by Wei Li, professor from Lab of aquatic plant biology of Wuhan Botanical Garden to make a lecture entitled “Impact of repeated biomanipulation in a shallow eutrophic lake” in WBG.

Based on his research works, Dr. Torben L. Lauridsen illustrated the functions of biomanipulation theory in lake eutrophication management and submerged plant recovery. All the teachers and students are deeply inspired by the lecture and had a thorough discussion with Dr. Torben on these issues.

Dr. Torben L. Lauridse graduated from Arhus University, Danmark in 1955 with doctoral degree in ecology. He is head of Ecology Section and senior scientist at the National Environmental Research Institute, Arhus University, at present. His researches mainly focus on: Aquatic ecology with special emphasis on zooplankton, submerged macrophytes; fish and biological structure in temperate lakes; arctic lake ecology; Impact of climate on lake ecology,  in particular submerged macrophytes; Impact of pesticides on zooplankton; Use of HPLC to determine phytoplankton by pigments; Lake restoration, macrophyte re-establishment. Dr. Torben L. Lauridsen has published more than 60 papers in domestic and international journals.

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