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As one of the major botanical gardens under CAS, Wuhan Botanical Garden is devoted to protecting hydrophytes, rare and endangered plants. At present, we have more than 4,000 conservation species. 

Wuhan Botanical Garden, CAS pays great attention to popular science education  for many years, focusing on developments of popular science work and displaying diversified trends in launching popular science education.  


    1) Popularize scientific knowledge through TV, newspaper, radio and so on. 

  2) Public education at Wuhan Botanical Garden.  

Various kinds of popular science educational activities are held at the garden as below.

  (1) We built some gardens and special fields with educational significance on popularizing science: 

  a) Rare and endangered plant garden 

  b) Kiwifruit garden 

  c) Submerged plants exhibition area 

  d) Four Systems in Medicine Garden (Breath System, Excretion System, Digestive System and Blood Circulation System)  

  (2) The guide service in botanical garden should have its own characteristics and can't be identical with the guide service of other places. 

  (3) Hardware facility of each specific garden should be with modernization, humanization, interest, professionality and so on. 

  (4) Set up visitor's service center: provide the place for visitors to grow some flowers and grass. 

  (5) Appeal for the excessive and random lumbering phenomenon exsiting publicly in the society, Let more people realize the importance of environmental protection. We invite many plant experts to explain how to distinguish the plants among daily  life and to improve people's consciousness of environmental protection.  







  (6) In the specific recreation ground,  a large area electronic screen that can broadcast automatically with characteristic is set up.When visitors gather to the square, it can show beautiful views of gardens from all parts of the world or from inter-botanical gardens,  instructing visitors which scenic spot is suitable for  taking pictures as souvenirs. When visitor's quantity increase remarkably on festivals or holidays, the large screen can also reflect the status of the polulation flow in the garden at that moment to avoid garden traffic jam. 

  (7) The design of the garden's logo should completely reflect the humanization, concision, environmental protection and scientific characteristics. 

  (8) Implementation that popular science education should be linked with a specialized library and a specialized popular science website.  

  (9) "Except the photo, anything can't be taken away; except the step, anything can't be left! "This is a new theory on environmental protection recommended in Wuhan Botanical Garden. For those people making a great contribution to protecting the environment and plants,we will award him a emeritus medal of" the Earth Bodyguard" and  record his name in Wuhan Botanical Garden for permanent commemoration.  

  (10) According to seasonal changes through the year, Wuhan Botanical Garden  launches different activities taking plants as theme. 

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