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Wuhan Botanical Garden started to recruit graduate students in 1983. There are 152 graduate students in Ph.D. or M.S. Programs (2011). The Ph.D. degree is conferred in the fields of Botany, Ecology, and the M.S. degree can be conferred in Botany, Ecology, Garden Plant & Ornamental Horticulture, Biotechnology, and Environmental Engineering. A postdoctoral research station of biology has also been officially set up here. 

In postgraduate cultivation, the Garden adheres to train high-level innovativetalents in high-tech researches and devotes to train a lot of innovative talents of high quality for the State through combining science with education and integrating education into researches.Tutorial Responsibility System and Tutor-subsidizing System are implemented under the uniform management of the Institute. Wuhan Botanical Garden pays attention to selection of postgraduate tutors, to take scientific research capability and education capability of tutors as two equal significant indexes, to combine ethics cultivation with talent cultivation of postgraduates, and to improve overall quality and culture of them while endlessly strengthening cultivation of their innovation consciousness. In the aspect of management, we develop activities focusing on self-education, self-management and self-study under the correct leadership of postgraduate management department and supported by the organization and bodies such as the League Committee, the Postgraduate Party Branch and the Postgraduate Association of the Garden.   

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