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A New Species of Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) Discovered in Kenya by SAJ... [08/06/2019]
Researchers Unveil Effects of Litter Chemistry on Lignin Degradation [07/30/2019]
Researchers Apply Full-length Transcriptome Sequencing Technology in Lotus [07/10/2019]
A New Species of Orchid Discovered in Kenya by SAJOREC [07/03/2019]
How Soil Microbial Community Structure Responds Spatially to Plant Distributi... [06/27/2019]
WBG Makes Progress in Quantifying the Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Soi... [06/19/2019]
Thiol Groups Determine How Silver Nanoparticles and Proteins Interact? [06/14/2019]
Researchers Identify Factors Regulating C Concentrations and Their Stable Iso... [06/03/2019]
How Soil Net CH [05/20/2019]
How Plant Responses to Herbivore-specific Induction ? [05/09/2019]
A New Strategy to Elevate Productivity of Microalgae Cultivation: SPMC Regime [04/30/2019]
Researchers Reveal A Moderate Genetic Diversity, Substantial Genetic Dif... [04/24/2019]
What Shaped the Current Distribution of Torreya ? [04/15/2019]
Leaf Chlorophyll Content Index Application Improves Prediction Accuracy of Ab... [04/08/2019]
Researchers Reveal Biogeographic Variation of Distance-dependent Effect in th... [04/02/2019]
Scientists Reveal the Mechanism of A. aculeatus-mediated Protective ... [03/18/2019]
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