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EsMYB9 Transcription Factor from Epimedium Regulates the Flavonoid B... [07/26/2017]
New Species of Adenia (Passifloraceae) Discovered in East Africa [07/19/2017]
How AgNPs Chronically Affect Aquatic Ecosystem ? [07/05/2017]
Researcher Reveals the Distribution and Characteristics of Soil Lignin in Bad... [06/30/2017]
Researcher Reveals the Mechanism of ROS Induced by AgNPs in Macrophyte [06/28/2017]
Researchers Reveal Soil Denitrification Capacity and Its Influencing Factors ... [06/01/2017]
Researchers Compare the Benthic Diatom based Indices for Water Quality Assess... [05/26/2017]
Researchers Identify Two New Pathogens Responsible for Postharvest Rot of Kiw... [05/09/2017]
A New Species of Primulaceae Discovered in Central China [05/04/2017]
Soure Identification of N in Riverine System Promotes Sustainable Watershed M... [04/26/2017]
Researchers Reveal Patterns of Genetic Diversity and Selection in Apple [04/11/2017]
Researcher Reveals Genetic Variatoin of Ca and Zn Accumulation in Apple [03/23/2017]
Scientists Dissect PlUGT43 's Role in Puerarin Biosysthesis [03/08/2017]
Researcher Reveals Soil C and N Mineralization Relationship in Deep Soil [03/03/2017]
One More New Species of Epimedium Discovered in Yunnan [02/27/2017]
How Short-term Litter Input Manipulation Affects Soil Respiration and Its Car... [02/23/2017]
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