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  • Title:  Two adjacent NAC transcription factors regulate fruit maturity date and flavor in peach
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  • Corresponding Author:  Ruoxi Zhang, Yudi Liu, Xian Zhang, Xiaomei Chen, Juanli Sun, Yun Zhao, Jinyun Zhang, Jialong Yao, Liao Liao*, Hui Zhou*, Yuepeng Han*
  • Pubyear:  2024
  • Title of Journal:  New Phytologist
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  • Volume:  241
  • Number: 
  • Page:  632-649
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  • Although maturity date (MD) is an essential factor affecting fresh fruit marketing and has a pleiotropic effect on fruit taste qualities, the underlying mechanisms remain largely unclear. In this study, we functionally characterized two adjacent NAM-ATAF1/2-CUC2 (NAC) transcription factors (TFs), PpNAC1 and PpNAC5, both of which were associated with fruit MD in peach.PpNAC1 and PpNAC5 were found capable of activating transcription of genes associated with cell elongation, cell wall degradation and ethylene biosynthesis, suggesting their regulatory roles in fruit enlargement and ripening.Furthermore, PpNAC1 and PpNAC5 had pleiotropic effects on fruit taste due to their ability to activate transcription of genes for sugar accumulation and organic acid degradation.Interestingly, both PpNAC1 and PpNAC5 orthologues were found in fruit-producing angiosperms and adjacently arranged in all 91 tested dicots but absent in fruitless gymnosperms, suggesting their important roles in fruit development. Our results provide insight into the regulatory roles of NAC TFs in MD and fruit taste.
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