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Using Landscape Genomics to Explore Evolutionary Processes and Species Boundaries in Closely Related Eucalypts


Title: Using Landscape Genomics to Explore Evolutionary Processes and Species Boundaries in Closely Related Eucalypts
Speaker: Susan Rutherford, Jiangsu University
Time: 9:30, July 1, 2022
Location: Meeting Room,1007, NO.12 Building in Guanggu Campus
Title: Does Generalism Come with Costs in Aggressiveness? A Synthesis of the Global Data on Potato and Tomato Blight (Phytophthora infestans de Bary)
Speaker: Justin Siu Hung Wan, Jiangsu University
Time: 10:30, July 1, 2022
Location: Meeting Room,1007, NO.12 Building in Guanggu Campus
Reporter:Susan Rutherford, is an evolutionary ecologist and botanist with expertise in genomics and evolutionary biology. She completed her doctorate at UNSW (Australia) where she worked on groups of closely related eucalypts to better understand mechanisms driving speciation. Following her PhD, she worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney on the conservation genetics of rare species and landscape genomics of native plants in eastern Australia. At JSU (Jiangsu Province), her research has focused on introduced Eucalyptus in China. She uses a range of methods (e.g. population genetics, phylogenetics, morphology, functional traits, common garden experiments) to explore plant evolutionary history, and understand how native and invasive plants adapt and respond to new environments.  Field: Genomics, evolutionary biology, nvasive biology.
Reporter:Justin SH Wan is an invasion biologist with experience in plant ecology and plant pathology. He graduated with a PhD from UNSW, Australia, and then worked as a postdoc on Phytophthora diseases at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Using mixed approaches to address questions in evolutionary ecology, his work focuses on: 1) how invasive plants adapt to new and stressful environments, 2) trade-offs and ecological strategies in populations of invasive organisms, and 3) broad-scale evolutionary patterns in invasive plants and plant pathogens. He is also interested in biological control of invaders and remediation of pollution. Field: Plant ecology, plant pathology, invasive biology.

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