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Success of "International Workshop and Training Course on Invasive Species"


The workshop was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Project Department of the Nature Conservation, Forest Service of the USDA Farm Service Agency, and the department of Global Biological Invasion of the Nature Conservation, and undertaken by the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as assisted by Asia-Pacific Forestry Invasion Biological Network and the Bio-safety Office of Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection. The symposium invited 14 foreign training lecturers and 6 domestic experts, who have made outstanding achievements in the field of invasion biology and biological control. 10 students from developing countries were supported by the workshop to attend the training. The participants of the workshop totaled over 90, of which, 28 international experts and scholars came from America, New Zealand, Australia, Swiss, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand, Fiji, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. 

Profound discussions and explorations on five special subjects in the field of invasion biology were carried out at the symposium, including management of invasive species, bio-safety policy and public awareness, the biological control of invasive species, biology and ecology of invasive species, and evolution of invasive species. Domestic and foreign experts delivered 31 splendid lectures on the five subjects and conducted six group discussions with the participants, and issued course-completion certificates for all trainees. 

Such international workshop provided an excellent platform for communications of scientists and scholars from different countries. The control of invasive species was implemented through discussions and studies on the invasion biological theory, pre-warning and early detection of invasive species, integrated control techniques of invasive species, legal regulations on invasive species, and principles and theories for the comprehensive management of invasive species.  



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