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Studies on Kiwifruit


Specialists in kiwifruit at WBG have constructed a kiwifruit germplasm repository  with the most diversified genetic resources and germplasms in the world. The Kiwifruit Germplasm Repository at Wuhan Botanical Garden conservers more than 70% of kiwifruit germplasm in the world. It was the only plant germplasm repository approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010.

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3R Model

The patent for Jintao, a new kiwifruit cultivar, was transferred to the global market. The newly planting areas of Jintao in recent two years accounts for 9.4% of the total newly planting areas of kiwifruit in the world and has became one of three major cultivars in the global kiwifruit market. Jinyan, another kiwifruit cultivar, has been industrialized in 14 provinces in China, and became an important industry in specialty agriculture.  


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