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Studies on Ecological Security for Major Hydraulic Engineering


WBG scientists have been conducting systematic studies on watershed ecology to solve the environmental challenges caused by Three Gorges Dam and South-North Water Transfer Project. After analyzing the environmental changes caused by human beings, land use, and vegetation restoration, an ecological security system was proposed by the scientists, namely, plant species selection---restoration technologies---- restoration demonstration---- ecological monitoring. 27 species of plants suits for the water-level-fluctuating zone was selected by the scientists. Two vegetation restoration models were proposed. In addition to that, three landscape vegetation demonstration areas and five ecological restoration demonstration areas have also been constructed. All these achievements have provided good foundation for the vegetation restoration in water-level-fluctuating zone of Three Gorges Reservoir region. A planning report on the construction of ecological agriculture park in Three Gorges Reservoir region has became a part of State Council's follow-up working plan of the Three Gorges project.

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