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Key Laboratory of Aquatic Botany and Watershed Ecology, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in 2008 with the approval of CAS. The laboratory is oriented to the international ecological frontier and security requirements for the national aquatic ecology to build the optimization model for ecological functions of internal water plants, water bodies and vegetations as well as to carry out studies on composition and structure of ecosystems in watershed scale, evolving rules of ecological processes, and on regulation mechanism of the valley environment as well as on principles and methods for development of the watershed ecology, so as to provide scientific basis and technical support for resolving ecological environment problems in major hydraulic engineering areas and to promote watershed science and the regional sustainable development. 

Major research fields of the laboratory include: diversity of aquatic plants and restoration of aquatic vegetation, utilization of plant resources, environmental sustainability, watershed ecological process and water conservation, safe and sustainable development of watershed ecological security. 

The laboratory currently boasts a young, competitive and innovative research team with a reasonable structure, including 50 fixed researchers, seven persons selected into the Centurial Project, 33 doctors, 16 out of 33 doctors is researchers and 19 associate researchers, those below the age of 50 account for 90%.  

In recent years, the laboratory has undertaken nearly hundreds of projects such as 973, 863, national fund, technological platform and the supporting plan, having made significant progress in researches of diversity pattern of aquatic plants and restoration of aquatic vegetation, diversity pattern of plant communities species and population dynamics in the riparian zone in Three Gorges region as well as drinking water source guarantee of the South-North Water Transfer Project. 


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