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Kiwi Fruit Branch of Chinese Society for Horticultural Sciences Plant Science Journal 

The actinidia germplasm repository and breeding center at Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences has carried out introduction, collection and protection of domestic and international actinidia genetic resources since 1980. The center, the largest germplasm repository for gathering and preserving actinidia genetic resources at home and abroad, has gathered and preserved 57 (total 800 species of resource materials, 57 out of 66 actinidia species and 60 domestic and international commercial varieties. Since the 90s of the last century, the center has established optimized sampling strategies based on general international standard of plant germplasm collection and protection through comprehensive evaluation of genetic diversity  at morphology, cellular, and molecular levels in order to ensure genetic integrity of the gathered and protected germplams. The center initially implemented the protection program of conserving fifteen female plants and five staminiferous plants for each species based on above protection strategy. The center has built the actinida ex-situ conservation germplasm repository with the largest coverage rate and the richest genetic diversity in the world. 

Plant Science Journal is the new name for Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research since 2011. Founded in 1983, Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research is a public and interdisciplinary botanical publication pressed by Science Press in Beijing. The entire art paper printing, the bimonthly issue, is big 16 format, 140 pages. It is graded in order of international standard, and printed the English colophon, table of content, summary.  Prof. LI Shaohua, a Botanist in China, is the Chief-in-Editor. Its board of editing committee consists of 56 scientists, including 5 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are all experts with attainments of scientific respects of botanical. Its main purposes are to enhance academic exchanges and to promote development of plant sciences. Its major contributions are original research papers from Domestic and international in interdisciplinary subjects of plant sciences. Most of its readers are scientists, college students and experts in related subjects. 

Plant Science Journal is the key journal of natural scientific publications in China and has been collected by a dozen of inspection bulletins, database inside and outside China, such as CSCD (Chinese Science Cited Data), CSTPCD (Chinese Scientific and Technical Paper and Citations Data), Wanfang Data, CSCI, CJFD (Chinese Journal Full-text Database), Chinese Biological Abstracts, CA (Chemical Abstracts), AJ of VINITI, Agris, BA, CABI, etc as key journals. It has an exchange relationship with some publications in dozen of countries such as USA, Britain, Japan, Switzerland etc. And JWBR to Send the Documents in 1999-2003 Years Statistics is attached. It has been granted continuously “Award of Outstanding Scientific Journal” in Hubei (Three times in succession), “The Second Award of National Outstanding Scientific Journal”, and “ Award of Outstanding Scientific Journal of Chinese Academy of Sciences”, and “The Fifth Award of Hubei Province Outstanding Scientific Journal”. It is one of the most outstanding botany periodicals in China.

Plant Science Journal is published bimonthly, and can be offered as the sample publication of each one for you free. Its contact way is as following:

Address: P.O. Box 74006, Wuhan 430074, Hubei Province, China

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Phone: 86-27-87510755/  86-27-87510579

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