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The Science and Technology Trainging Course for Developing Countries along the Belt and Road

——The Training Course on Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation in Nature Reserves


International Training Course
on Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation in Nature Reserves (ITC-BMC 2023)
    4th September to 23th September 2023
    Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    The Training Course on Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation in Nature Reserves (ITC-BMC 2023) will be held by the Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2023. The Training Course aims to enhance the awareness, understanding, and monitoring of biodiversity and conservation by providing training in theory with hands-on practices to boost cross borders cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation.

Main Topics
    Biodiversity monitoring (plants, plant related animals);
    Biodiversity conservation (plants, plant related animals);
    Role of nature reserves in achieving conservation;
    Participatory approach to engaging local communities in biodiversity conservation

Training Language

    On site, at Guanggu campus of Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. With explorations and practices in Moshan campus of Wuhan Botanical Garden and field sites nearby.

Who Is This Course For?
    This course targets participants from the countries along the Belt and Road. Participants include researchers, postgraduate students, ecological consultants, environmental managers and rangers, and volunteers who are working on different aspects of Biodiversity and Conservation or planned to specialize in biodiversity and conservation related fields. The number of participants is ~20.

Certificate of Attendance
    Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance after finishing the course.

    The participation in this Training Course requires no registration fees. However, participants need to apply for attending.
    Selected participants will be awarded a fellowship that covers the Training Course cost as well training related expenses such as accommodation and meals.
    Regarding transportation, selected participants on site (i.e., living, studying or working already in China) can apply for reimbursement for the domestic travelling cost by providing the ticket and the invoice. Selected participants from abroad can apply for a certain amount of travelling cost subsidy from their home countries to China. Decision will be made based on estimated budget for travelling cost filled in the registration form.

Participation and Registration
    Participants will be selected based on their CV and information in registration form.
    If you are interested in participating, please send Registration form + CV by email to itcbio@wbgcas.cn before July 20, 2023.
    The results of selected participants will be communicated via email soon after the deadline.

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